Live Demo

Automated E2E Monitoring

What you will see after a click on 'start' is not a video, but a display of a container that is started on the fly. The Sakuli test within runs the following process and sends the performance data to the monitoring system shown below:

  • System under Test is a ticket web-tool and a Windows application
  • Sakuli simulates a process with those tools using web- and native interactions
  • Sakuli imitates different roles - an end-user and a business person by logging into the system with different credentials
  • The generated Ticket number will be stored into an excel file
  • Sakuli paints its own logo in Paint (this of course is only to show the power of native interaction)
  • Incoming Email is validated in Gmail
  • Finally the runtime and performance data of the respective steps are sent to a Monitoring System

On the first display yo will see the running test via noVNC and on the second display you can watch and control the Grafana Dashboard.