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Enterprise Plans

Sakuli offers various enterprise support packages, including exclusive features.
Exclusive features are subject to Software Licenses valid during active subscription.
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You will be granted access to new features, the latest updates, including security patches, bug-fix releases and enhancements for Sakuli and its add-ons for the time of your active licensing plan. The Sakuli DEV team tracks security incidents of underlying software components regularly and updates Sakuli components with the latest security fix releases shortly after appearance.

Professional Support

Sakuli Core and Sakuli add-ons are supported on a business impact prioritization. This prioritization is performed by our experts in respect to Security > Function without Workaround > Function with Workaround. Support is restricted on Bugs of Sakuli and its Features (Consulting and Setup are not included) and limited to the amount of cases specified in the respective Subscription Package. Support inquiries need to be in a structured form (Please use the provided template) with all necessary information about the system environment, configuration and a detailed report. Customers need to ensure reproducibility of the issue by offering remote accessibility or an appropriate system to reproduce on. SLA times are defined as initial reaction time from Monday to Friday during German business hours 08:00 - 17:00 – excluding German public holidays. Support is offered via email. Customer channels are only supported within the XL package.

How to count Instances

Number of Sakuli installations. For example: If you use Sakuli in two different docker containers and if you additionally installed Sakuli on two Windows VMs and on one OSX Laptop, you are using five Sakuli instances. An exception is running identical containers multiple times in parallel, executing identical Test-Scenarios - this only counts as one instance.

Price Information

Prices per month and not including VAT. Contract period of 1 year with a 30 days' notice in writing to the end of the subscription lifetime. The payment for the entire subscription period is due when the contract is concluded with a term of payment of 30 days.