Pre-Configured Headless Container

Sakuli Container in a Nutshell

Our pre-configured Docker container will run Sakuli in an isolated environment. This will ensure having the same setup and equal conditions for every test run. You don’t need an unlocked display for native UI interactions with the headless VNC image configured in every container. For debugging purposes, you will be able to watch your test execution live in a browser or a VNC client any time. Scale your tests horizontally by instantiating as many containers as you need.

Illustration of a docker container with all the necessary Sakuli components like Firefox, Chrome, VNC and noVNC Server installed.

Your Benefits

Your Package

Each Sakuli docker image includes the following components in their latest respective stable release:

A docker-hub account is necessary to retrieve the respective image.

S2I OpenShift Image

Sakuli Container are also available as ready-to-go S2I images for OpenShift. Check out our documentation.