Sakuli Core

All You Need UI Test Automation

Sakuli combines web testing with testing on native applications. That’s all you need in order to perfectly simulate a real-world user. Design your tests, run them automatically and save a ton of time by dramatically reducing your manual testing.

Sakuli shown as an open End-2-End Testing Platform

Build Sustainable Tests

Sakuli uses state of the art web-testing technologies like Selenium, wraps a lot of standard functionalities and use-cases into user-friendly packages, thereby solving most of the pain points encountered by test designers in the past. With intelligent pattern and image matching, you won´t need to worry about every pixel. It was never easier to write sustainable user interface tests.

Integrate UI Tests into CI/CD Pipelines

By integrating your Sakuli UI tests into continuous integration systems, you will speed up your software development cycles and increase the quality of your delivered software. Sakuli supports a variety of CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Drone IO, Travis-CI and many more.

Benefit from Open Platform

Sakulis design prioritizes an open and extensible base. Its modular Node.js core enables developers to create their own DSL, integrate behavior driven methods like Cucumber, adapt Sakuli to new technologies and connect to any kind of downstream application using the comprehensive APIs. Sakuli is an open platform for a variety of End-2-End use-cases.

Your Package

Sakuli Core ships with: