Monitoring Forwarder

End-2-End Application Testing and Monitoring: Your Perfect Combination

Combining End-2-End testing with monitoring solutions proves to be optimal – because effective quality assurance looks over and beyond any given server: Automated End-2-End tests ensure that your web or rich client ecosystem will keep its promise. Ultimately though, the quality of your systems will be assessed by the users.

Test results and data of Sakulis open API can be forwarded to different target systems like OMD, checkmk, databases and propriertary systems.

Monitor Critical Workflows

Imagine testing your critical processes and workflows by simulating a real-world user, sending execution times, warnings and error messages (including screenshots of the system under test) to the monitoring system of your choice. Before the first customer complains about the performance, you will have been notified automatically and you will be able to investigate and minimize affects on your revenue stream.

Sakuli and Sakuli Forwarder are designed to handle this task so you (and your manager) will finally find a good night’s sleep again.

Benefits from Sakuli Forwarder

Your Package

Sakuli Forwarder package ships with the following Monitoring Forwarder:

Supported Monitoring Systems

A NPM token is necessary to retrieve the respective NPM package.