RPA - Robot Process Automation

Over the years systems and processes are growing, eventually heading for potential technology and media breakdowns. Considering such scenarios, automating processes and daily tasks may become quite difficult. Sakuli can help to automate tasks between various system boundaries. Downloading a report from a browser-based reporting tool app and uploading it to shared folders won’t create problems anymore: Sakuli closes the gap between browser automation and desktop automation.

Integration of Sakuli UI tests into CI/CD pipelines and Monitoring interfaces.

Have Sakuli do the Work

Add, import or export functionalities to your application when APIs are missing or too expensive to implement. Automate data migration projects. Save man-power by letting Sakuli control any third-party tool: Wherever repetitive tasks occur, Sakuli and its DOM, OCR and image pattern recognition capabilities will do the job for you.

Automate Data Migration

When migrating from a legacy system to a newer system, manual data migration may be the only possible solution for extracting data from the legacy system, moving them into an intermediate format (for further processing) or inserting the data into a target system directly. Even in a best case scenario, this ‘semi’-automated process is error prone, expensive and not repeatable. With Sakuli you can automate all the steps involved in this process.

Expose APIs from Legacy Systems

You have systems that lack APIs but must be integrated into an automated process or workflow? It is possible to expose APIs, triggering Sakuli automated interactions with your system, thereby delivering and/or retrieving data in various formats.

Create Bulk Operations

Sometimes it is required to insert a lot of data or to execute a lot of operations on the UI of your system. Unfortunately, most systems don’t offer any possibilities to automate these bulk operations. With Sakuli, you will be able to automate every manual interaction with the system and create automated bulk-operations.