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Open Platform for UI-Testing and Monitoring of Applications of any kind.

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🎉 Sakuli is 100% Open-Source 🎉

All Enterprise Features like Container, Forwarder etc. ARE open-source. The full potential of Sakuli is free of charge.

We are looking for people to maintain and actively develop this project. Sakuli is build with modern technology, is backed up by a good test coverage and has proven itself in production environments. For further information and to contact maintainers, please visit Github:

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Main Use-Cases

UI Testing

Use Sakuli for UI-Testing and reduce the amount of manual work dramatically. With the ability to simulate user-behavior not only on websites but on every native application, there are endless possibilities.

End-2-End Monitoring

What is more important than your application running at its peak performance? Get notified automatically if anything is not working as expected and be able to fix things, even before a customer will move on the the competition.


Automate processes and manual work without a huge and complex framework or expensive tool suites. Robot Process Automation with Sakuli will save time and money in no time!

Secure your Revenue-Stream

Monitoring on Steroids

With Sakuli it is easy to leverage your existing Monitoring to the next level. Use your infrastructure and add real-world scenario user-simulation data to your preferred Monitoring System like Prometheus, checkmk, icinga etc.

Don´t stop at observing server health, database load and IO performance but ensure your complex system architecture behaves as it should - implicitly including all relevant services and third-party applications.

Real User Simulation

Sakuli behaves like a real user operating your applications, working through your most important processes, gathering performance data and forwarding them to the most common Monitoring Systems there are. Get notified immediately about a lack of performance or errors and be in control of your revenue-stream and conversion-rate!

With Sakuli Monitoring you will be notified about malicious behavior of your application, even before your customers file a complaint.

Have a look and open the following live-showcase - Sakuli controls a web tool and connects to a Windows VM, opens tickets, copies ticket numbers to an excel list and validates customer emails:

Easy to Master

Sakuli tests aren´t rocket science - with basic knowledge about HTML and CSS you are able to create and maintain your tests in no time. Add more value to your monitoring department by offering real End to End Application Monitoring. Currently under development, you will soon be able to use a frontend tool to create your tests by hovering over your desired parts of a web-site and creating the script automatically.

No more Checklists

Sakuli makes Software Quality easy. Regression and approval tests of your most important parts of your software can now be automated, saving tons of time by eliminating manual work.

Use Sakuli as the UI Testing framework within your software development lifecycle and ensure the high quality standards that you expect from your product. Don´t be limited by testing only components of your software but leverage the full potential of the Sakuli built-in features like Web- and Native- Testing. The open platform character of Sakuli allows the use of most JS based UI-Testing tools (like Puppeteer) within the Sakuli context - enhancing your UI-Testing experience with Native-Testing, Containerization, Cloud-Readiness and professional maintenance and support.

We know the struggle of using plain Selenium... That´s why Sakulis built-in Web Testing component is based on Selenium but the major issues and hassles are abstracted in an easy to use and intuitive DSL.

After all, you will save a lot of time and money by using existing Sakuli Test from development and extending your Monitoring with the same tests on Production.

What Sakuli users think

Runs On

Windows 10 and above

OSX V.10.10 and above

Ubuntu >= V. 16.04

(Others may also work)


AWS Cloud

Azure Cloud

Google Cloud

Core Features

All in one UI Testing

Sakuli combines web testing with testing on native applications. That’s all you need in order to perfectly simulate a real-world user. Design your tests, run them automatically and save a ton of time by dramatically reducing your manual testing.

Build Sustainable Tests

Sakuli uses state of the art web-testing technologies like Selenium, wraps a lot of standard functionalities and use-cases into user-friendly packages, thereby solving most of the pain points encountered by test designers in the past. With intelligent pattern and image matching, you won´t need to worry about every pixel. It was never easier to write sustainable user interface tests.

Integrate UI Tests into CI/CD Pipelines

By integrating your Sakuli UI tests into continuous integration systems, you will speed up your software development cycles and increase the quality of your delivered software. Sakuli supports a variety of CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Drone IO, Travis-CI and many more.

Sakulis design prioritizes an open and extensible base. Its modular Node.js core enables developers to create their own DSL, integrate behavior driven methods like Cucumber, adapt Sakuli to new technologies and connect to any kind of downstream application using the comprehensive APIs. Sakuli is an open platform for a variety of End-2-End use-cases.

Simplified Selenium

It was never more easy to use the de-facto standard in UI-Web-Testing. Sakuli offers all the necessary methods, but it´s easy to use.

No more Staleelements

As Sakuli handles the Selenium complexity, you don´t have to worry about Staleelements any more.

Screenshot based interaction

Control any native application or element that is not accessible via DOM with Sakulis built-in image matching.

DOM based interaction

Use Sakulis abstraction of Selenium to easily navigate and control web-apps. Find and interact with elements by displayed Text, Regular Expressions, ID, CSS classes or XPath queries.

Screen Sizes

Use the same test for different screen-resolutions or within containers. Smart image recognition does not break by a few pixels.

Drag & Drop

Either use DOM-based Drag&Drop or use the real simulation by controlling the mouse.


Sakuli supports various browsers, e.g. Chrome and Firefox

Auto-Scroll into View

Actions like 'highlight', 'focus', 'click' and others automatically scroll the target element into the viewport.

Native Control

Sakuli can use the mouse and keyboard just like a real user would do. Easily find workarounds for buggy forms or imitate a user perfectly.

Clipboard Integration

Use the clipboard with its set, get and paste methods to easily transfer data or workaround buggy forms.

Secrets Handling

Sakuli supports securly encrypted secrets, no more plain-text passwords and other sensitive information within the testcase.


Use the power of Node.js to debug your test.

Additional Features


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