Easy Start

The following video shows a quick introduction on how to install and bootstrap Sakuli and how to setup and start your first UI-Test on a MAC computer. For a detailed installation procedure, please click the green arrow to the right or navigate through the table of content on the left navigation pane.

Steps to reproduce Easy Start

Prerequisite is a Node v12 (lts/erbium) installation on your Mac.

npm init

Accept all questions with Enter key.

npm i @sakuli/cli
npm i chromedriver
npx sakuli create project . my-demo

Open the file check.jsand insert the following Test-Script:

(async () => {
    const testCase = new TestCase();
    try {
        await _navigateTo("https://sakuli.io");
        testCase.endOfStep("Open Landing Page", 5, 10);
        await _click(_link("Getting started"));
        await _click(_link("Initialization"));
        testCase.endOfStep("Navigate to Initialization Section", 3, 5);
        await _highlight(_code("npm init"));
        testCase.endOfStep("Find npm init code sample");
    } catch (e) {
        await testCase.handleException(e);
    } finally {
        await testCase.saveResult();
npx sakuli run my-demo