Prometheus Forwarder

Available from version 2.3.0

Add the forwarder manually as follows:

npm i @sakuli/forwarder-prometheus

Push gateway

It is assumed that a push gateway is available in your monitoring setup. As Sakuli checks are not constantly available like e.g. a Webservice, it is required to use a Prometheus push gateway to provide a scraping endpoint for Prometheus to obtain measurements gathered by Sakuli.

Forwarder configuration

Configuration is located in within the root folder of your project or respectively in in your testsuite folders for testsuite specific configuration:

Property Default Effect
sakuli.forwarder.prometheus.enabled false Enables forwarding to prometheus push gateway Hostname of the prometheus push gateway
sakuli.forwarder.prometheus.api.port 9091 Port of the prometheus push gateway service
sakuli.forwarder.prometheus.api.job Name of the job the metrics relate to. E.g. e2e-monitoring-for-my-very-important-application

Example configuration