Assisted Setup

It is assumed that you have setup your environment as described in the Getting Started Guide.

On the commandline, navigate to the root folder of your Sakuli project (where the package.json file is located) and run the following command:

npx sakuli enable-modules

The prompt asks you about the module which you want to activate. You can use and to navigate the cursor and SPACE to select or deselect a feature. Pressing ENTER will submit your selection and start the setup process.

? Please select the modules to bootstrap (Press <space> to select, <a> to toggle all, <i> to invert selection)
❯◯ Forwarding to Icinga2
 ◯ Forwarding to checkmk
 ◯ Forwarding to OMD
 ◯ Forwarding to Prometheus
 ◯ Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Plug-in

Sakuli will then install and preconfigure the selected module in your project.

The manual setup is described in the corresponding module: